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Are you Ready for Sex Robot?

If robots are more and more realistic like humans, humans are more willing to share their ideas,and have more relationships with them.

How to achieve a significant improvement in human-computer interaction, this is the father of Japanese robots’ point of view ” it has been considering issues.” Have you assumed a scene like this: Are you willing to kiss a robot and kiss their rubber skin? Maybe more realistic than …


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racymelovedoll service

The racyme sex dolls are carefully assembled from high-quality TPE, with a sophisticated skeleton, intricate handcrafted and detailed elements. This is a self-made doll forum for the targeted doll community, as well as many great recommendations from the forum personal and true love doll…


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Have you found the best place to store sex dolls?

The simulated skin of the life-size sex doll uses imported raw materials and is non-toxic and tasteless. If the skin product is left for a long time, oil leakage will appear on the surface. This is because the skin formula contains silicone oil, which is normal. Please wipe it gently with a towel. Moreover, when the doll is used and placed, the surface will adhere to…


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Sex robots will bring trouble to the future

It is not difficult for us to learn from many sci-fi films today that the threat of robots to human beings is mainly in terms of legal ethics and security.

As robots become more popular in human society, our dependence on them will gradually increase. The more humans value the value of robots for social development, the greater this dependence will be. And it is likely to bring humanity into ethics, personal and information security in the future.

Learn about sex robots to…


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Do you want to change your sexual fantasies and have fun in real life?

And many people can also get spiritual relief from sexual fantasies, of course, the climax is usually the result of sexual fantasies and self-DIY. The content of sexual fantasies is strange. Are you looking for changes in your daily sex life, or do you want to satisfy your enthusiasm and satisfaction? Whether it's your sexual fantasies or something else. Especially in busy living arrangements, if you can make changes, you will be excited and tempted. Sex is one of the ideal ways to get rid…


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Why female sex doll is more than male sex doll?

We can start from this:

Do you want to know why the image of a robot doll always appears as a feminine character. This is the difference between genders. Reflected in culture. For example, sex dolls or robots. In the various intimacy models, robot dolls have significant feminine characteristics. For example, "Lars and the Real Girl" or "Her", "Doll Inflatable" strange Japanese porn, "Blade Runner" black…


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Don't stare at it for too long, why do dolls cause anxiety?

In connection with the previous article, some people think that people with mental illness can make people feel creepy. Many times our fear comes from the unknown. Just like these lifeless dolls, they look very realistic and seem to move between your inadvertently.

But when you look at it, it is only a hollow, gaze that no soul can't see. Because they don't blink, they never talk, only cold eyes and skin.

Perhaps because of their lack of emotional performance, coupled with our…


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Why they need a close relationship with a sex doll?

The mainstream media likes to call the owner of a real sex doll a lonely man. It's always easy to think of the scene where they are staying with sex dolls in the basement. But the truth is, there are many reasons for owning a doll, and a very small part is for sex. When you really have a sex doll, you will sigh, it’s hard to imagine, such a heavy doll, think It's not easy to move it…


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Realistic sex doll ar

Realistic sex doll ar Medical grade TPE material, accept custom Global shipping, no hidden fees Shipped from the US and Europe, guarantee that your package arrives within 5 days. Help users to filter dolls at a more reasonable price under...

Realistic sex doll ar …


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You may fall in love with this sex robot

The interior has a built-in active skeleton, and the company has designed a high-quality silicone that simulates the real body temperature and feel. It is said that it takes 80 hours to build such a love doll. It has 18 female bodies and two male sizes to choose from. The face of Harmony 2.0 can be replaced, and the genitals can be replaced according to user preferences.

Different from…


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Evil robot in the ancient world

In Greek mythology, the first "robot" to travel around the earth was the bronze giant Talos. Talos is one of the three technologically advanced gifts that Zeus bequeathed to his son Minos (the first king of Crete). As anthropomorphic machine, Talos patrols the coastline of Crete three times a day, paying close attention to pirates. He would throw stones at foreign ships. If he found a "stranger," he…


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Not to stop with adult products, but to be a better figure for art

Persist in doing "not to stop in adult products, but to be a better figure of art", in fact, has always been warning everyone that "the realistic sex doll can not be abused, can not be easily recognized, must not wear clothes, can not be slouched, can not be regarded as pure sex Tools... From product to…


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Detroit: Become Human Simulation Doll with Short Hair Uniform


This is an interactive animation game with artificial intelligence. The bionics inside can satisfy the "all kinds of needs" of human beings, which also gives inspiration to manufacturers who make life size sex dolls.…

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5G Upgrade makes sex robots indistinguishable from real peoplehts?

The field of sex robots has recently reached new heights, as sex doll makers have developed new models to match 5G models. She can synchronize sound and animation at high speed via WiFi, and the improved sex doll robot is hard to tell apart from real people.

Some argue that the increasing sophistication of sex robots could trigger a "comprehensive revolution" similar to the sexual…


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How is the sex doll made? Steam games are getting more and more strange.

“Do you want to be a sex shop owner?”, the actual operation may be different from what you imagined. Maybe you have played an lifelike sex doll or have seen an realistic sex doll, but you should have never done an sex doll! Recently, Steam has launched a novel simulation game called “Plastic Love”, in which players will play an sex doll dealer to experience the difficulty of this professional fun.



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HOV Lane inflatable dolls are not allowed!

In order to legally use high-occupancy lanes, many people use inflatable sex dolls to make ends meet. According to the police, more and more drivers want to use a variety of wood products, plastic items or fabrics such as artificial mannequins, squats, inflatable dolls to fool the country's police, and try to break through traffic regulations to enter the Hov lane. And this cat-and-mouse game is now at an…


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St. Petersburg ushered in a legal brothel

To be precise, it is a sex doll hotel that accepts at least 3,000 customers a year and has an annual turnover of more than 15 million rubles. But despite the high popularity, you can't find the exact location of the hotel because Google will recognize and block the content with sex, which makes the promotion of this hotel have certain problems. But it…


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The popular sex dolls

Adult products around the world account for about 70% of the production in China, and silicone dolls are one of them. Copyright is owned by the author, please contact the author in any form. They are even more beautiful than real people, with long legs, thin waist, big breasts, narrow shoulders, small face, sexy and glamorous, but also pure cure, is the look of many male dream lovers. The image of a lover and a wife can be realized as long as necessary.…


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Which one? Cyberskin v Fleshlight

I have been looking again and the cyberskin models(a little bit expensive sex doll) and the fleshlight models look much better.I was wondering whats onsidered the most realistic?

The TPE sex doll does look super hot.…


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Sex robot coming much sooner than you think

By 2029, the IQ of AI robots will reach the level of 1 year old children;
In 2039, robots will realize full rights;
By 2045, humans will probably marry robots.
The most enduring relationship between humans - husband and wife, will face big challenges.…

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