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Twitter generates almost one in ten Social Media global hits to websites according to web analytics firm, StatCounter. Google and Bing have both integrated Twitter into their search results, maintaining Twitter as a major source of information, new, products, & services. Love Commands Review Twitter is a trusted source sometimes over Search Engines. When there are RT's that go through a Followers Tweet Stream or Twitter live Search Engine Platform Followers will value your personalization, your recommendation as a peer, and an instant update over a static list of top-ten search results.Twitters Speed is 2nd to none in the Social Media world. You can post a Tweet and it can be viewed by thousands within seconds.

A Quarter of Twitters largest age Demographics are 35 to 44. Over a Quarter of Twitters users are High Earners. 12% are Young Cosmopolitans 40-somethings with Household Incomes over $250K. Twitter is unlike any other Social Media Platform.The more followers you have the further your message goes. 180 Million Unique visits come to Twitter every month. There are over 55 Million Tweets a day. Twitters Search Engine receives around 600 million queries a day. 37% of Twitter users use their phones to Tweet while on the go. What goes into Marketing your Business on Twitter? A lot!Influence- On Twitter in order for your Brand & Website to go far you have to be trusted.

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