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5 Interesting Facts About Depression

Depression can often be dismissed as a simple case of sadness.. We all feel down from time to time, and a patch of the blues doesn't necessarily constitute a full-bore .. Interesting Great Depression facts , including amazing statistics, cultural and social trends, and comparisons to today.. Interesting depression facts , including its history and myths, surprising statistics, different types, and causes and symptoms.. Of the estimated 17.5 million Americans who are affected by some form of depression , 9.2 million have major or clinical depression : Two-thirds of people .. Here are some interesting facts about depression that you should know.. One of the interesting facts about depression that you must be aware of is.. 0 stars - mark this as Interesting ! Email; Comment (0) Save.. Add to My Yahoo! .. Can you give me 5 facts on the great depression in America? When did the Great Depression .. Facts About Depression : What is depression ? Everyone gets the blues now and then, but when there is little joy or pleasure after visiting with friends or after .

There are several interesting facts to learn about depression .. .. put together a consolidated report on Depression considering most important facts .. Depression is a very real and treatable illness.. Understanding the facts about this condition can save lives.. Most major depressions do not occur during the Holidays, they happen in summer.. Here are ten other little known facts about depression .

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5 Interesting Facts About Depression

1.. Depression distorts your .. Learn about depression symptoms, causes, treatments and types (clinical, manic, bipolar disorder, seasonal, major depression , dysthymia) as well as prevention .. In fact , here is an interesting depession fact .. Facts About Depression .. Here's an interesting fact about depression : According to Dr David Hoffman .. Fun Facts about The Great Depression .. Interesting factoids, information and answers.. Concerned that your teen may be depressed? Educate yourself on teen depression and what to do if you think your teen is depressed.

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