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In a Massively Multiplayer World where you can fight, craft, explore and live, Arcfall offers a game style that captures o 5d3b920ae0

Title: Arcfall
Genre: Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Early Access
Neojac Entertainment inc.
Neojac Entertainment Inc.
Release Date: 16 May, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 64 bit or newer
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO 2.


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This game needs a report player button and an ignore player option. Fix the lag, add more content and a helpful map (you can zoom in on your mini about zoom out? I know where I am standing ffs). It is just a farm resorce sim atm. Gather, sell, repeat, yawn.. Feels like it needs about ten years worth of devlopment still.. Supporting devs, hence I'm in during release. Not much content but the base is addictive. Warning: The game is in very early access. Not for the spoiled crowd that can't take the risk. Cheers.. Feel free to call me a twitchy-eyed ADHD case who needs to gb2counterstrike or whatever, but I swear, this game is tedious. There's just nothing there. That 0.3 hours of playtime was spent wandering around, aimlessly following roads, trying to find the "Game" part of this here video game until I ran into a bunch of unpassable red borders and bears. At no point did I have even the slightest inkling of what the first steps were. You just get dropped into a world with 20 copper coins, a perfectly useless map, and a bunch of empty fields to look at. So as first impressions go, this seems less "Early Access" and more "Desperately Unfinished". I might come back and re-evaluate that in about two weeks' time. I'd like to support the dev and get this game improved, otherwise I'd be requesting a refund.. Servers for other regions as well pls. I'm in Asia, and I can't play for shitzel.. Alot of lag and ping issue whilst in the EU. Regular kicks etc. Want to play and sink some time into it, but alas, the eu is not kindly to this server distance.. For machine translation Carefully write a few suggestions: First of all, the game is very good, combining the features of the sandbox and ORPG games. The system is not very complex. Character growth is closely related to daily nurturance. But at the moment I'm having some problems. Map The map is not very large, but seamless convergence, the drawback is that the open area is not large enough, and the map thumbnail is too simple, I think it should be added to the large map interface compass and player custom tag. To make it easy to find resources in the Montreal map without getting lost. Resources The distribution of resources in the map seems to lack of planning, the mountains and boulders near the rocks can not be found, the animals messy scattered in various places, towns and villages is a little small, some scattered resources and real estate. Herbal medicines have very low visibility and very few. But the trees are everywhere. Too little water is collected. Other systems Riding and coming down seems too time-consuming, and the speed of horses is too little compared to the speed of people walking. Weight-bearing horses should carry 2 of parcels themselves, instead of sharing a package with the protagonists. NPC trafficking is also a lack of planning, many times in the new village needs drawings can only run very far to the main city to buy. Economic I don't mind buying some gold coins after the game, but the price of primary resources is the same as that of advanced resources. It seems unreasonable to sell only a coppers for processed or finished products. The development of ORPG This is a good direction, look forward to more underground city or field camp to provide more play, of course, with the depth of the game to join the new building and materials, do not forget to join more Monster Corps, let the sandbox and form, war and other forms of the Director.. Love the old style gameplay. Graphics are great! Need much more interactions, npcs, more balanced mobs and many things. but i know this is really early. Spent almost 12hours, most of it just trying to find out how the heck we play this thing! Game says nothing to you! Nothing about battle. Nothing about craft. Nothing about mobs.. Very fun game with lots of potential. Game has a discord channel in which the develpors are very active answering questions and resolving isues. Generally pretty quick to fix any big problems that come up and work with the players effected so they are not left wanting.

Arcfall Patch Pre-Alpha v0.6 : In this update we worked more on bug fixing than new content as there was a few major bugs. We did change selling prices on items but that will only effect new items you create. Bugs Fixed: - Fixed Collisions on Small House item so it can easily be selected when building. - Brown Pack Horse Mount effect can now be dispelled - Bag Window will now close after dying and entering spirit form. - Wont be able to used bank while in spirit form. - Clay Item stack limit increased to 999. - Cyper Wood Quest is not repeatable anymore. - In game store activated with founders being able to use their Arcfall coin. - Skill health bug where every time you skill up your health gets reduced has been fixed. - Fixed collusion problems at the giants so you should not get stuck at the rocks. New Things: - Tier 1 and 2 of plate mail added. - L-Shaped wood house added for players to build on elite Plots. - First improvement of Mini Map showing icons for places of interest. - Zone identification added, when you enter a new area the name on minimap will change. Balancing: - Following weapons/tools selling price has been adjusted - Wood Axe, Wood Pickaxe, Wood Sword, Wood Shield, Bandit Shield, Stone Sword, Woodcutters Axe. - Changed Bandits Drop rate - Changed resources required for some items. - Woodcutters Axe requires level 16 in Lumberjack to be able to use.. Release Pre-Alpha V1.1 : As we continue working on the next big update we are planning we released a smaller update just to add a few new things into the mix. Unfortunately the new maps and more quests did not make it into this release but they are very close to be added in. We also wanted to say thank you to all the people who continue to support Arcfall. **Bugs Fixed:** - Marsh Trees can now be harvested in the swamp Biom. - Swamp Crocodiles can now be attacked and killed for loot. - Tab Targeting works again **New:** - New merchants added to Mudlock Swamp town. - New head items like Miners Hat which added extra stats and light has been added as drops from mobs( Rock Elemental drops Miners Hat recipe - Rare drop) - New Mana, Health and Strength potions added with different qualities. **Balancing:** - Changed made to Rock Elemental to drop better loot and coin. - Changes made to the Forest Giant drops and coin drop.. Pre-Alpha Version 2.51 : We did more bug fixes and did some work on Quality Of Life for this patch. The best one was adding in the selling price for items to merchants in the tool-tip. This should help you know what a item is worth. New: - Added selling price to tool-tips for items so you know what you could sell item for to a vendor. - Added message in tool-tip to tel you if you have already learned a blueprint. - Added 19 new blueprints to craft Skill XP gaining scrolls. You will get rare Experience Shards drop from mobs which then can be crafted into Experience Scrolls. - When a player is given permissions or a permission is changed they receive a message in the event tab - Players that are now added to a claim permission list can pay for taxes as well. Fix: - Fixed Spider sound when clicking on Ground Crawlers. - When clicking on a claim sign it should now bring up the right info - When making changes to a claim, changing permissions / deleting or selling / adding taxes it should now update the UI. - Green Plater Frog now will have loot drops. Balancing: - Added durability to all bags.. Server Down For Alpha Update : The server will be down from now till 21 December so that we can do the massive update to it for our next phase in Arcfall, taking the game from Pre-Alpha to Alpha. This will be a massive update and no more character wipes is expected after this update. We look forward to see you in game on Friday 21 December. Server and update will be live at around 5 PM Mountain Time. If you have any questiosn please feel free to contact us on the forum or on Discord.. Pre-Alpha 1.4 Update : With this update, we have added a lot more abilities and items and also added in the first version of the world map. More to come very soon. We did do a final character wipe so you will now be able to play without any worries. **Bugs Fixed:** - Fixed bug where certain Passive Abilities would increase a skill by using it. **New:** - 9 new Leather types added - 50 new items added - Completion of Refining Skill tree with abilities going up to 1000 skill points. - Completion of Leatherworks Skill tree with abilities going up to 1000 skill points. - Completion of Blacksmithing Skill tree with abilities going up to 1000 skill points. - Completion of Taming Skill tree with abilities going up to 1000 skill points. - Completion of Skinning Skill tree with abilities going up to 1000 skill points. - Completion of Healing Skill tree with abilities going up to 1000 skill points. - Completion of Alchemy Skill tree with abilities going up to 1000 skill points. - Added 3 new mobs. - 51 new recipes added - First pass on mini map and world map.. Pre-Alpha Version 2.3 : Fixes: Fixed the freezing when game is running for more than 30 min during combat. Fixed Weight bug where weight does not get removed when a item gets destroyed. This is only fixing the weight gain, old characters will have their weight recalculated and should now have proper weight again. Fixed Quest Icons to properly show the right icon for available and completion. Fixed Dialogue icons to show right dialogue. Fixed Unarmed combat to work again. Doubled durability on all clothing items. Increased xp given on all weapons. Updated Loot drops on some mobs. New: New Items Added: Belt Pattern, Shoulders Pattern, Head Pattern, Soft Hide, Sturdy Hide, Tortoise Shell, Patched Hide, Fine Hide, Layered Hide, Raven Eyes, Oxidized Hide, Hard Hide, Pigmented Hide, Metal Core, Rotten Meat, Aniline Hide, Harpy Claw, Runehide, Wyvern Wings, Dragon Scale, Mythic Essence Leatherworks Skill Active Abilities are now all working up to LvL 100. 5 new quests added.. End Of Easter Event : On Saturday 1 June at 2 PM Mountain Time the Easter Bunny pet will no longer be sold in the Shop, All Easter Eggs Spawns will be removed and Easter Merchants will no longer be in the world as we end the Easter Event.. Arcfall Patch Pre-Alpha v0.4 : We are releasing our first patch. this is a small patch adding a few fixes and a few new stuff: Bugs Fixed: - fixed the bug where players can harvest resources nodes constantly by auto clicking it, resource nodes will now despawn. - Found that 80% of crashes are caused by questing bug, fixed it to reduce crashes. - Fixed up walking through certain buildings walls. - Broken characters bug has been decreased and hopefully eliminated. After a server restart they usually work properly again. - Skeleton Warrior will now attack and deal damage. - Ground Crawler spiders will now drop resources and be skinnible. - Durability doubled for all items - Stack limit increased to 999 for all resources, require to have a new stack - Numerous bugs fixed to increase server stability Bug listed: - Weight bug where your weight increases when harvesting items with full inventory and then stays after inventory is empty. - Character gets stuck or under water. Usually typing /stuck re-spawns character. - Housing: sometimes buying a plot will not activate on your account. - Lag spikes present when going close to population. New things: - New Elemental mobs added that drop resources. - New tutorial quests added. - New NPC group added, Merc which is hired by the king. - New recipe added.

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