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Avoiding the Complications of Diabetes

Still another way of curing obesity is to eat low carbohydrate, low fat, high protein diets. While this can help immensely, a lot of health care professionals discourage this weight loss plan. Why? Your body needs carbohydrates to be able to function optimally, and needs fat for insulation from extremes of temperature as well as give your body cells their membranes. Smart Blood Sugar If you cut down on these, you will really lose weight but at the same time be weak and inadequate to do certain activities for long periods of time.One diet that is fast becoming popular though is the low calorie diet. You see, calorie is a unit of energy found in any kind of food. Your body needs calories to be able to do all the activities that you want to do. The principle behind such diet is that when the body has too much calorie, it will be stored as fat in any body part.

Having a low calorie weight loss plan is very good if you are having a sedentary lifestyle. What is a sedentary lifestyle? It is the lifestyle wherein you do not do much but eat, sleep, watch TV and go to the bathroom. This is the kind of lifestyle that many people in industrialized countries have, thus the high number of obese people. If you do not have this lifestyle and still want to use the low calorie weight loss plan, just make sure that you do not do heavy exercises for these could weaken you greatly.Another tip if you still are willing to pursue such diet plan is that you should not drastically cut your calorie intake. Instead, lower it to the point that is sufficient enough to let you function normally and optimally. Do learn the exact or estimated amount of calorie you need to take in, ask a nutritionist to help you on this one.Both sea salt and rock salt were well known to the ancient Greeks who noted that eating salty food affected basic body functions such as digestion and excretion (urine and stools).

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