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Boat GPS Options for Small Boats

Experts assure us that those days are coming - may be not immediately, but they will come, they say!Clean Energy You know that at present most of the electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels and this results in a great deal of carbon dioxide being released in the atmosphere polluting it. We are running out of these fossil fuels very fast. Future electricity will be produced Electricity Freedom System by using non-polluting, renewable sources leading to a cleaner environment. Future electricity will be "green" and clean electricity! One up for the healthy electricity in future!All Electric Future world is turning "all electric"! Apart from all the conventional electrical gadgets now we have electric shavers, electric bicycles and electric cars! Can you imagine what the future holds for you? Well, visit the futuristic shops at Akihabara in Japan and have a peek at the "electric future".

You will be stunned to see electric combs,oothbrushes, glasses and even electric clothes! That's your electricity in future!The media are full of news about electric cars. The $100,000 Tesla electric sports car is going to be sold soon, automakers are falling over each other to announce new electric vehicles, and entrepreneurs across the world are jockeying for venture capital.Petroleum prices have jumped during the last year and everybody is feeling the pain at the pump. Not a single soul is concerned about filling up the batteries of his next electric car with electricity. After all, you just plug the car into the next receptacle and there seem to be no appreciable costs.Joe owns a Corvette, a high performance car manufactured by General Motors, which according to the car manufacturer drives 25 miles per gallon.

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