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As we mentioned, the only way to reduce or even eliminate the pain1285 Muscle associated with tennis elbow is to rest the affected joint. When the elbow has recovered, stretching and strength exercises can help build up the tendons and muscles around the injured area. With that said any activity that causes discomfort should be avoided until tendonitis treatment has been completed.If you do eventually return to the sport or activity that was responsible for your injury, make sure you use the proper protective equipment for tennis elbow treatment. For many who suffer from the injury, an elastic band or brace that is wrapped around the forearm helps relieve some of the pain. There are also rings worn on the fingers that help absorb the shock created by the impact in the hand, which reduces the vibration that can cause pain in the injured elbow. Last but not least, pay close attention to the movements that cause discomfort or pain. And if they continue, stop playing and rest your sore joint!


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