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Chevy Chase Heist Movie Hindi Free Download

Chevy Chase Heist Movie Hindi Free Download >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Chevy Chase Heist

Genge: Action,Comedy,Drama,Mystery
































Armed with 40 years of love, spy-espionage, super heists and licenses to kill for CAPER, super spy-thieves husband-wife GINNY BERENSON (GIN) and ROBERT BERENSON (DR) attempt to steal Russian President PUTIN's one-of-kind Tsar's diamond-ruby collections during Embassy's signing of East-West Treaty when Gin and DR's motives collide with CAPER double-agent "Z" and a mysterious CAPER's mole's ulterior motives. All lives are at risk as GIN and DR unwittingly interrupt a clandestine Nuclear arms deal between US ultra-secret spy agency CAPER, PUTIN, Saudi Royal double-agent MOHAMMED SALEYAH and Chinese counterpart LI KA-SHING HUATENG (LI)\ where the swapping of triple digit Chinese YUAN currency for WMDs. PUTIN overplays his hand, killing LI, incentivizing the Chinese to tip balance of power when they are convinced that Russia must be put in its place. Our super couple find themselves at the center of the most high stakes rigged game of winner take all when DR is kidnapped, and GIN realizes that things are not remotely what they seem when one month later she receives DR's ransom demand from former Agency assets and PUTIN who intends to take 100% of the ransom as revenge for Gin's putting him to sleep for all the world to see. In order to secure DR's release and return to her former life of global heists with espionage in the picture, she must quickly assemble 14 of the world's most venerable but now aging super-spy thieves and steal one-of-a-kind HOPE DIAMOND and WHISTLER'S WHITE GIRL. Things look dismal for Gin's success until the most unlikely of allies comes to her aid and convinces the Chinese Government to enter as the White Knights to save the day for all concerned.


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