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I-Lite capsules work towards helping eye muscle regain their strength. Just like any muscle in the body, those involved in seeing are also likely to weaken.1285 MuscleThis is not an irreversible process and just like your strengthen your other muscles in the body, you can get these ones in shape also. When your abdominal muscles get out of shape, for instance, you probably take up some physical activity to put them back on track. This applies to eye muscle also and there are plenty of targeted exercises for them. However, since we are talking about more delicate muscles, exercises are not all they need. Certain nutrients are very important for their health and this is how an herbal treatment for eye weakness can help. I-Lite capsules contain various nutrients that the body needs in order to avoid vision problems. The combination of herbs reunites these nutrients in just one capsule which make things easier than trying to get everything you need from your diet.


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