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Dehydration is one of those things that can sneak up on you. Whether you're in bed with a fever, or you're running errands on a dry winter day, you might not realize that your body is actually drying out because it's not getting enough fluid. When you experience the sensation of thirst, you are already mildly dehydrated, so sip water throughout the day before you have a chance to feel thirsty.While most people define dehydration as being thirsty, the technical medical definition is more precise. Fat Obliterator Dehydration is present when an adult loses 2% of the body's total fluid. In this stage, the initial mild symptoms of dehydration will occur. Victims will often complain of lightheadedness, fatigue, hot and cold flashes, loss of appetite, dry mouth and tight, dry skin. One telltale sign of dehydration, besides thirst of course, is dark-colored urine with a strong smell.

Today, I want to discuss the risks associated with dehydration and how to avoid this serious, but highly preventable medical condition.The symptoms above can be reduced by replenishing lost fluids and electrolytes, which are substances in the body that are essential to various processes. Drinking too much, too quickly can make you feel sicker, so sip small amounts slowly. If you have electrolyte-rich drinks like Gatorade or Pedialite, these beverages can have you feeling good more quickly.Kidney failure can also occur, since water is necessary for your kidneys to function normally. Dehydration can make them unable to remove waste from the body. If you experience any of these conditions, immediate medical attention is necessary.

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