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Detroit: Become Human Simulation Doll with Short Hair Uniform


This is an interactive animation game with artificial intelligence. The bionics inside can satisfy the "all kinds of needs" of human beings, which also gives inspiration to manufacturers who make life size sex dolls. Manufacturers who made simulation dolls released their latest achievements. Wearing a Detroit bionic costume and a blue circle on the head looks really like it. However, this simulation doll is still not as smart as the bionic person, and the movement of the skull looks a bit awkward. But this does not affect the favor of a lot of love doll lovers. First let's take a look at the game and the character in the game. You may know why she has so many fans.
A beautifully artistic picture created by the game environment. Quantic Dream has created new technology for this game. Detroit: Become Human's 3D engine supports cluster forward rendering, time anti-aliasing, based on physical rendering, character rendering and other effects. Yes, we don't know, what is the concept of this, but you can feel the visual effect by looking at the picture.



It tells the story of the three bionics who have the human consciousness and ask for freedom from the human society together with other robots who have the same consciousness. This sounds like the story of the robot revolution, and you can continue to understand what you are interested in below.

Why-do-men-need-to-buy-sex-dolls ?


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