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In Greek mythology, the first "robot" to travel around the earth was the bronze giant Talos. Talos is one of the three technologically advanced gifts that Zeus bequeathed to his son Minos (the first king of Crete). As anthropomorphic machine, Talos patrols the coastline of Crete three times a day, paying close attention to pirates. He would throw stones at foreign ships. If he found a "stranger," he would pull them to his chest, heat his bronze torso, and burn his captives alive.

In Greek mythology, there is a sculpted king who carved out his ideal woman and prayed to God to be a sculpture woman to become her wife. Finally, the god of love was touched by him, and he gave the statue life and made them married.

Some fabulous techniques (such as moving statues) have their foundation in real-life engineering, while other parts, such as the ivory dolls of Pygmalion's life, do not. Life-size sex dolls present an extraordinary ancient technical porn. Such stories were later welcomed and reflected in murals.

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