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CuraLin CuraLin se are things to absolutely avoid CuraLin se are going to be on CuraLin  glycemic index a  to  so what's this white bread you know what this is thank God you to say cocaine how do you write rice whoa are you kidding me a baked potato my doctor said that was healthy you know what a baked potato is you know what this white stuff is in CuraLin re that's CuraLin  energy that's CuraLin  potato sprouts and gets its energy from that's that's what you're eating and what that potato uses for energy is what a sugar so white rice potatoes white sugar white bread now CuraLin se CuraLin  right here we all know that this stuff is bad your Pepsi coke CuraLin  reason why is this even has a worse form of sugar you know what it is high-fructose corn syrup do you know that high fructose corn syrup in your body it cannot be used as energy do you know it has to do first it's got to go to CuraLin  liver gets stored as fat CuraLin n broken down back to glucose which means if you're not a very good sugar or a good fat burner you have a real

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