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Madden 20 of the highlights For Release Day

EA announced a few changes to Madden 20 gameplay from what they’ve earlier announced and from what we were able to play in the beta.

You can check out of the highlights below:

  • Tuned pass leading for quarterbacks with pass lead abilities
  • No change to RPOs and lineman illegally downfield
  • The conductor's ability is no longer unlimited. Instead, it provides 2 changes at a time
  • New block and release mechanic for tight ends
  • Tuned stiff arm for running backs with the armbar ability
  • No change to how zones play
  • No change to pass rush
  • The tuned cut moves on the post and corner routes to make them
  • No change to the quickness of passing animations

That there will be a new 5th-year option for rookies in franchise mode. Unfortunately, that isn’t coming until a title update later in the year.

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Follow with interest as we’ll have the details as soon as they arrive at our Madden NFL 20 news page.

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