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MAGATAMA Earrings Torrent Download [PC]

MAGATAMA Earrings Torrent Download [PC]

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About This Game

Game Details:
-Take up the role of Cello, a brave young girl who wants to protect the land of Yohoo from the influence of another dimension, Wahoo.
-A short story, roughly 5 to 7 hours to beat.
-Monsters you encounter are added to the Encyclopedia. See if you can find all of them!
-"Yohoo" is styled after Europe, and "Wahoo" is styled after Japan. Both names come from Japanese. European-style = Yofuu (洋風)/Japanese-style = Wafuu (和風). The more you know, right?
-This is intended to be a light and humorous game. Don't expect any gritty realism or dark and dreary twists. Think of it as a light, fluffy snack. Like the game version of strawberry shortcake!
-I'd love to make a sequel at some point, but, well... We'll see how people like this first! If enough people like it, I'll try to make the sequel a bit larger. (I'm aiming to release this nebulous next one in a year and a half, regardless.)

Battle System:
-Classic turn-based combat.
-A simple but fun battle system. (Honestly, the complexities of recent RPG battle systems drive me crazy. Keep it simple, keep it fun!)
-A focus on battle tempo, rather than complexity.
-Only two types of equipment: sword and shield. Equipment weight affects the speed of your actions.
-Three types of attack: Physical, Fire, and Ice. Every monster has a weak point!
-Cast spells to damage your enemies or heal.

please read a manual.

e-mail: 7ad7b8b382

Title: MAGATAMA Earrings
Genre: Casual, Indie, RPG
Release Date: 14 Jun, 2016


Bought this game on Steam Sale for Half Price ($3.50) and I think that's a decent price for it.
There are a few secrets and it's beatable in under 10 hours. if you're not afraid of grinding before each new area.

The camera jitters when you run into an object (which is annoying) and there are a few earnest errors in dialogue, but I feel like that makes the game more endearing. Only the main character is in 3d and the rest are flat, but I feel like that just makes the main character stand out more since the art welcomes it.

This is an indie RPG that was a cool find, if you can get it on sale, go for it.. Here is the ticket I sent along with my refund request when asked why I was requesting a refund:

The camera stutters every time you touch a wall as it jerks your character back and that is making me feel nauseous.

There is no options menu. The sound balance is awful; On the one side the BGM is only moderately too loud at my PC's default setting of 12% volume but talking to people and opening chests have sfx that are so loud it almost hurt my ears.

There is no quit option. Use the task manager or alt+f4 to close the game
There is no window\/fullscreen option you must the default shortcut (alt+enter) to resize the window.

The game doesn't support resolutions above 1600x900 (1080p)

The menus have incorrect control hints (Press X to close when you actually have to press B)

There is only one menu and no submenus for equips or items, you use left and right to cycle through equipment (presumably. The arrows indicate this but I never got any new gear to test it)

This game is not up to par for what I'd consider the minimum quality standard of games delivered on the steam platform. Thank you for offering refunds.

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