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Not to stop with adult products, but to be a better figure for art

Persist in doing "not to stop in adult products, but to be a better figure of art", in fact, has always been warning everyone that "the realistic sex doll can not be abused, can not be easily recognized, must not wear clothes, can not be slouched, can not be regarded as pure sex Tools... From product to marketing, it has been to enhance everyone's awareness, to gain more knowledge for everyone, and to recognize the far-reaching significance of the simulation dolls as a companion to a virtual character. For example, "hard silica gel, soft TPE, the advantages of silica gel, maintenance of TPE..." know that TPE can be recycled materials. When choosing environmentally friendly raw materials, also pay attention to healthy and safe materials. Racyme sex doll is made from medical grade tpe. Have high quality quality assurance.


As you can see, the life size sex doll has excellent visual expression. Not only the shape of the real person is very beautiful, but also not limited to the "sex" function, the fun is more from companionship, entertainment, fun, interaction and other activities suitable for men, women and children. Especially for the younger users, they are the main people to buy dolls. They generally have a stable income and a greater interest in buying dolls.

Pursuing realisticity has gradually become a form of art. In Japan, due to the development of the animation industry, more and more Garage Kit prototypes have not only pursued the good looks of anime characters, but created original characters, showing the delicate feeling of real people.



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