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Original Title: The Messenger

Genge: Short,Action,Drama



















































OK so I love this film and everything in fact I was there at the premier watching it (not like that is special or anything) but I have a few things that I would like to point out.

granted I know that this isn't a high end massive budget blockbuster film but here I point out some of the good and bad bits of the film.

1.Minor things in one of the earlier shots before when John (the main protagonist) was walking into his house you could see the camera man in the reflection of the glass. also there was a lot of unnecessarily lengthy black screens pauses going from scene to scene.

2. there wasn't really a lot of plot explanation it generally took me the entire film to realise that John was a spy and however it was a nice plot twist to see that the reason why the messages (the envelopes) were dropped in the movie in order to get John back to his original creator; another part that also wasn't explained was the in the scene towards the end of the movie where the other messenger helps John out it didn't really make much sense to me as to why he helped it out but the general message that I got was because the messenger was trained to be very obedient and had no real self control and it just took orders.

3. there wasn't a lot of character development within the entire film for me to (and I'm trying to be as nice as possible here) really care that much about the characters that much the main character, John seemed almost crazy throughout the entire film (granted that effect was useful in aspects where he needed to seem paranoid like during one of the first scenes when John attacks an innocent bystander who he thought was following him the entire time) it works in times like that but I just makes John look like a bad person otherwise as I, as a member of the audience feel like you have held away why John acts paranoid and why he was violent on the street; as for the other characters John's friend/the other agent was killed off too quickly and there wasn't a lot of development into why he was helping John or any relationships other than their work relationship and a scene that slightly hinted towards a friendship between the two agents but we never really get to see much of anything as all we have to work with is just that he works with John.

4.Positives a lot of characters gave out a lot of energy and personality during the film and each character had their own set of uniqueness between each of them for example the main antagonist had his own little thing where he did the little guitar solo which was fun to watch; the acting overall was pretty good considering that this was the first movie that you guys have ever actually made together as a team and I would like to congratulate the actor Harry Lovatt who's acting in my opinion was exceptionally fantastic, the action scenes were done very well, and there were some fantastic camera shots overall throughout the entire film.

Overall I would say that for a first attempt at making a professional film this film has been done very well, but it still has a long way to go before being perfect.


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