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The Mental Ambien dangers include depression, irritability, dizziness, nervousness, hallucinations and tremors. The mental dangers can be most troubling of all and should be monitored closely by your doctor.Taking Ambien for your sleeping problems is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly. Visit with your doctor to determine if Ambien is the right course of action to treat your insomnia. He may think that it is the best course of action, 1285 Muscle or he may recommend a battery of other treatments to combat it.Other treatments he could recommend include lifestyle changes, behavior therapy, hypnosis or diet and exercise treatments. These changes may prove to be more effective and can be sustained for longer than Ambien. Remember, Ambien can only be taken for the short term and is not a long term solution.Most of all, keep the faith. There are Ambien dangers, but if you work with your doctor and find the best course of action for you, you will be able to treat your insomnia without letting the Ambien dangers effect your life.

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