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Why female sex doll is more than male sex doll?

We can start from this:

Do you want to know why the image of a robot doll always appears as a feminine character. This is the difference between genders. Reflected in culture. For example, sex dolls or robots. In the various intimacy models, robot dolls have significant feminine characteristics. For example, "Lars and the Real Girl" or "Her", "Doll Inflatable" strange Japanese porn, "Blade Runner" black movie "Westworld" western genre "or "Austin Bowers" imitation. In the future world, robotic real dolls are expected to have the ability to fall in love with humans. At that time, these feminine robots will not harm humans, and how to define their morality and law. There are a lot of questions and warnings about artificial intelligence dolls, and I love the incredible simulation robots. They don't die, they are not alive, they are poor individuals. But our growing desire for them will only make us feel more and more lonely. Gradually lose self in an intimate relationship that lacks relationships.

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