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Why they need a close relationship with a sex doll?

The mainstream media likes to call the owner of a real sex doll a lonely man. It's always easy to think of the scene where they are staying with sex dolls in the basement. But the truth is, there are many reasons for owning a doll, and a very small part is for sex. When you really have a sex doll, you will sigh, it’s hard to imagine, such a heavy doll, think It's not easy to move it easily.

In college, we have already begun to explore our own sexual orientation, but rarely pay attention to intimacy, perhaps they have never had a hand. It is because of the negligence of our intimate relationships that we are eager to establish close relationships with others. Not only for sex, we spend more time and energy on lifelike sex dolls, but also a way we are eager to be free from loneliness. On the one hand, stress can be released, on the other hand, it will not feel lonely. The emergence of sexual robots may completely change the development of modern intimacy.

Maybe many years later, placing a sex doll at home is like putting a vibrator. Or when the robot revolution comes early, we can accept the existence of sexual robots, just like accepting another creature and human beings to live in peace on earth.

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