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You may fall in love with this sex robot

The interior has a built-in active skeleton, and the company has designed a high-quality silicone that simulates the real body temperature and feel. It is said that it takes 80 hours to build such a love doll. It has 18 female bodies and two male sizes to choose from. The face of Harmony 2.0 can be replaced, and the genitals can be replaced according to user preferences.

Different from ordinary sex dolls, this is a sex doll that can communicate. At the same time, it also gives you more choices. It not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has a smooth communication with you. It is said that there are 18 personality choices, which is like communication between different people, so that lifelike sex dolls are not only sex. The function.

Sexuality and sexuality play an indispensable role in human communication. These new technologies can help us better understand ourselves and learn how to interact more intimately with our loved ones. For people with physical or mental disabilities and who are experiencing long-distance love, these innovations can also provide them with an experience that is impossible to satisfy in reality.

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